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was online منذ ساعتين تقريباً

Goal 7483 tk Let's get kinky ;D

Let's get freaky in the car ;D

King of the room:Tip 1000 tk in total!
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About Chloe
Hi guys! I'm Chloe the Chaotic Queen and, as the name states, my life is fucking chaos :D I am fluent in sarcasm and about as straight as a rainbow. <3 Here are a few little fun facts about me: - I am 24 and originally from Alaska. I spent a few childhood years in Texas but the majority of my life has been spent in Alaska. And I tell you hwhat, Alaska fucking sucks. :) -420 Friendly, you'll hardly ever catch me not stoned LOL I'm all about that herb life <3 - I was a stripper for about 4 years! I had never even stepped foot into a strip club and the first time I went it was for an audition! I have danced in Alaska, DC, and Arizona. <3 -I am the proud mother of two amazingly fucking adorable furbabies <3 -I cuss like a fucking sailor. :) -I spent a few years living in a nudist community. I'm gonna wait and see who reads this whole panel to the end ;)
Now that I have your attention, here are my chatroom rules: 1. POSITIVE. VIBES. ONLY. Seriously, if you have nothing nice to say, just keep it to your-fucking-self! :) My room is a positive and fun environment for everyone including myself. If that becomes disrupted I have no issue having my Knights mute you. 2. If you have a special request it is polite to leave it in a tip comment (with a reasonable tip for the request). Any demands will not be fulfilled and you will be muted. 3. Spamming = Mute/Ban. Just don't do it. Just fucking don't. 4. Be respectful to my Knights and the other users that are in my room. If you are an asshole, I will have no problem treating you like one. 5. IF YOU CANNOT HELP BUT BE A DISRESPECTFUL ASSHOLE, I WILL PUBLICLY CALL YOU OUT AND I HAVE NO ISSUE TREATING YOU LIKE A CHILD IF YOU DECIDE TO ACT LIKE ONE. :)


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Oiled Up <3
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Anal Beads
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Butt Stuff!!!!
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CAUTION: Slippery When Wet ;)
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Dildo Fuck