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About me
My name is Layla (not my real one, my xHamster name). I’m on this site for over 4 years, I just changed my account. At first, I wanted to stop because I was tired but then I came back as a cam model after a few days. Funny thing.... I found out I need money… :-] And after all, xHamster is part of my life and I’m able to make some of my dreams (life goals) come true. But of course with your help only! I’m 24 years old and I’m from Romania (Shhh, that’s a secret. Don’t tell anybody! :-D ). In real life, I’m a normal girl. I’m alone as I don’t have a boyfriend because I feel like it’s just not the right time for a relationship right now. Also, I feel really good when I play with myself. Of course, it’s not like having sex with somebody but it’s still good. :-) I’m a student, I go to the gym 5 days a week and I’m on cam daily so maybe I’m a bit too busy for a boyfriend! I like expensive things and I’m in love Apple. Oh yes! EVERYTHING from Apple!!! :-)
Here on xHamster I met some amazing and some less amazing people. I LOVE to talk and I hate when I don’t have somebody to talk with. Also, I hate it when I’m doing a show and people ask for more. Why can’t you just enjoy the show and keep your requests for later? I typed that in 10 minutes so it’s far from perfect. But that’s how I feel! I miss some people with who I used to talk before. I don’t forget them but I think it’s better the way it is now… :-) I’m also thankful to some people here. They’re just a few, but they know who they are and that I mean you! :-*
Chat Rules
1. Be nice to each other. Nobody likes people who act like assholes. ;-) - - - 2. Don't call me 'baby'. I'm not your baby and calling me that will only make me upset. >:-| - - - 3. Don't tell me 'smoking is bad for you'. I'm not stupid. But I like smoking so I'll continue doing it. ;-) - - - 4. Read the topic! It will tell you how many tokens are left and what will happen if we reach the goal. :-* - - - 5. Don’t make any requests without tipping. xHamster is my job. My only job! And tokens are my payment. :-) - - - 6. Things I won’t do: Anal, squirt and dildo/toys shows. I don’t like to do those as I don’t like to stuff things into my pussy and I don’t like fake shows (I’m a natural girl and I do what makes me feel good.). - - - 7. Please use English when talking in my room. This way, we can understand each other. - - - 8. HAVE FUN!
Tipper Hall of Fame
- - - ALL TIME - - - 1. SIENEVETS - 69'696 Token 2. STRONGBONED - 30'000 Token 3. MA1 / FABULOUS- 15'000 Token - - - 2019 - - - 1. Ma1 - 15'000 Token 2. Sienevets - 11'111 Token 3. Ma1 - 5'000 Token - - - 2018 - - - 1. StrongBoned - 30'000 Token 2. Sienevets - 13'803 Token 3. BestMalone1 - 13'015 Token - - - 2017 - - - 1. Fabulous - 15'000 Token 2. Fabulous - 12'000 Token 3. Fabulous - 11'000 Token - - - 2016 - - - 1. Sienevets - 69'696 Token 2. StrongBoned - 9'000 Token 3. Sienevets - 5'019 Token


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